TravelShorts - Hiiumaan Sand

We pulled off onto a tucked away road proudly lined by spindly pine trees and carried on until the asphalt seemingly ran out before us. As we entered the undergrowth, expectant blueberry plants sat gleefully basking in the day's undisturbed sunshine and pine cones littered the ground and crunched beneath our heavy steps. Ahead in the distance lay a vast clearing in the sand and it was at our arrival to this that three stags showed themselves in the distance gliding along in perfect unison as if floating on air with their antlers slow dancing against the blue skies. As their party disappeared out of sight, presumably spooked by our entrance, we hopped over a mound to the view of blue waters. Swarms of hibiscus greeted us along with the odd dash of purple, a plant I've not yet had the pleasure to have known. And then the drop to the beach itself with its pale yellow sand and its splashes of terracotta themed pebbles. We ran into the water, desperate to duck our heads beneath the cool Baltic Sea. Feeling the rich seaweed and sand stick to our skin we soon returned to shore, though, letting the sun dry us out and then repeating the process, again and again and again. 03.07.15.  Hiiumaa, Estonia.

Piers McEwanComment