Be a Lighthouse

Yes, you did indeed read that right, a lighthouse; see, it's come to my attention recently that I've become a little self indulgent at times, me me me.  I wonder if this trait reflects broader society as a whole, too, perhaps augmented by our personal technology gadgets which keep us insular and selfish with our time.  Things have been on full tilt auto-pilot recently with a lot going on at work/home, but after a recent meditation session I realised that I was simply not giving enough.  Not giving enough attention to people, not giving enough time to my friends/family, not pro-actively seeking out how I might be able to help those I know and those around me.

And that's where I ended up with the lighthouse and what I want to aspire to be; the ultimate provider.  A lighthouse exists solely to serve as an aid and to guide people to safety and what an example that is to us all!  We should all strive to be the lighthouse; to guide where we can, to lookout for other people, to be someone's beacon of hope when they might need one.  It's easy these days to coast and to just rely on a social media profile to see how someone might be getting on.  But it's not enough, we all need to take pro-active care of each other rather than just reacting to situations as and when they surface.  

Indeed you never know, there may well be someone you know drifting in hurt, worry and instability just looking for someone to help, someone to guide, someone to be their lighthouse.