These Portuguese Streets - A Photojournal

With a camera slung over my shoulder, I hit the streets of Lisbon one January morning to see what I might discover. In this article I detail the things that stood out to me the most that day. And as I went on to discover, it wasn't the famous sites or the top visited attractions that yearned for my attention the most - It was the simple rhythm of life taking part on Lisbon's hidden back streets, telling a story at every corner.

The Year's End - a Reflection

I'm not really one for grand resolutions for the New Year but, if anything, this day is the perfect excuse to look back on these last twelve months in their entirety. And, in general, it's always useful to take stock sometimes and ask ourselves how we are getting on, what's going right in our lives and what needs working on.

A day in Saint-Malo, Bretagne

When I discovered that an overnight ferry could take me to the heart of France's Brittany region, I knew that I had to do it. Being a city known for its port, I was interested to see what Saint-Malo offered beyond this, and I'm pleased to say that the answer was a lot more!  Read on to hear and see my impressions of 12 hours' worth of wandering around this city!

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Amsterdam = Allure

It was the kind of flight home where you spend the whole time debating the merits of moving to the city you've just visited.  Thinking up career options, seeing yourself in a new apartment, persuading yourself that the finances could work. 

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